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London is world-renowned for its medical and clinical excellence. Many of our London-based team are globally recognised experts in their fields. It’s therefore no surprise that clients from all over the world choose us for the very highest standards of mental health, wellbeing, medical detox, and addiction treatment.

Furthermore, our clients often take advantage of London’s world-class medical centres to investigate and treat any associated general medical conditions.

Direct Connections: London boasts excellent global connectivity, with direct flights from 217 airports in 83 countries and 28 US states.

Private Jet Hub: When it comes to private aviation, London reigns supreme in Europe. It’s no understatement to say it’s one of the top three global hubs, leading in terms of annual movements, available aircraft, and overall infrastructure.

All aspects of mental health, well-being, and addiction treatment are about enriching your life. While in-house therapy is important, venturing outside your comfortable treatment accommodation is equally crucial.

Connecting with nature has proven benefits, helping to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Carefully chosen outdoor activities can significantly boost your well-being as you experience the joys of nature and other pursuits. With London as your stunning backdrop, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

What’s more, if you choose London for your treatment journey, our equine-assisted therapy centre is right on your doorstep. This unique treatment opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

There’s plenty of beautiful countryside on the outskirts of London, and Syrona has a range of properties available to suit all styles.

However, if London doesn’t feel like the right fit, we also have access to a range of properties in places like Oxford or Cambridge, offering similar exceptional opportunities but with a different kind of view.

In fact, Syrona can secure suitable properties across most of England, Wales, and parts of Scotland.

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