Who is Syrona?

For over 20 years, the core clinical team at Syrona has provided bespoke mental health, wellbeing, and addiction treatment in the UK, internationally, and in the comfort of clients’ own homes.

Where do Syrona teams operate?

Syrona offers a discreet and exclusive range of mental health, detox, addiction, and wellbeing services worldwide. Treatment can be delivered either in the comfort of your own home or in meticulously chosen luxury properties located in Spain, the UK, and other countries.

Why do clients opt for Syrona?

Syrona boasts extensive experience in effectively treating and caring for highly private individuals. We offer bespoke healthcare solutions for complex mental health, addiction, detoxification, and wellbeing issues. Our services are delivered in exclusive settings, either at the client’s home or in our well-appointed properties.

Syrona prides itself on being a convenient and adaptable service. We can mobilise and support clients in various settings. Whether you choose in-home care or treatment at one of our facilities, you’ll still have a say in the level of privacy, activities, and environment you prefer, all without compromising the quality of your treatment.

Client confidentiality is paramount to Syrona. Our discreet specialists share only the minimum personal information necessary for your clinical treatment. Medical records are anonymised, and no third party has access to them. We will not share any health information or details about your admission with anyone outside our small team unless you explicitly request it.

Syrona works collaboratively with clients and their families to achieve the best possible outcomes for complex challenges. We follow a consistent clinical and wellbeing treatment approach. We’ll work with you to identify the areas of your life most impacted by your problems and develop solutions to address those challenges. Our focus is on improving your overall wellbeing, increasing your self-belief (self-efficacy), and building resilience. We encourage you to take ownership of your recovery, empowering you to better manage your life and reduce the risk of relapse or deterioration. For families, we take the pressure off by managing all aspects of your loved one’s care. We also provide support through advice and information to address your concerns and equip you to best support your loved one in the future.

Syrona’s culturally sensitive and diverse team is well-versed in ensuring all aspects of your treatment cater to your individual needs and respect your background.

What is the client journey with Syrona?

Clients, their families, and significant others contact Syrona at various stages of a client’s illness or condition. This often occurs at the onset of a new episode, upon signs of worsening or deterioration, before needing hospitalisation. Occasionally, contact happens after a hospital admission, when seeking a care package to manage discharge and reduce the risk of relapse.

The first step is always a confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss the client’s issues and explore the most appropriate treatment plan. Syrona can adapt its services: scaling them down as the acute phase transitions to a maintenance phase, or scaling them back up if the client’s condition deteriorates again.

Upon discharge from the core service, the treatment team works closely with the client, family, close friends, and external providers, including the client’s NHS clinical team (if applicable), to develop an aftercare plan and transfer clinical responsibility as needed.

How do clients access Syrona?

Our global clientele spans the Middle East, UK, Europe, Russia, China, other Asian nations, the Indian subcontinent, South America, and the United States.

They come to Syrona through various channels: referrals from medical colleagues, family offices, and physicians; recommendations from households, family offices, or advisors familiar with Syrona’s past work; and self-referrals after discovering our website.

Our operations and enquiry team acts as the first point of contact. They’ll liaise with the client or their representatives to gain a thorough understanding of the concerns at hand. Following consultations with our medical and clinical leads, the team will then present a range of treatment options.

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